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We at Internik Pvt Ltd  offers our professionals services to help guide and make you succeed in your Student Visa Application. Our years of experience and trained and professional counselors are known for being most informative consultants and have track record of most successful cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Malaysia is flourishing as a study destination for overseas students providing that it is the most inexpensive country to live and study as compared to Australia, UK and USA. It offers low cost study programs to international students with easy procedure of admission. Malaysia has made it easier for international students to select their course and enter the country under student visa.

Students and their parents have many things to consider when deciding on where and what to study. In choosing Malaysia as a study destination, students benefit from: An international standard and high quality education, which is closely watched by the Malaysian Education Ministries through their quality control authorities and appropriate regulation authority.

Admission and Visa Process

Admission process and visa process is always complex in nature. Visa interview can be deceptive as you may not be aware of what visa officer expects to hear from you. It is life changing opportunity so consulting our professionally trained mentors is suggested for admission and visa. Our stats show that we have highest success rate due to involvement of multiple trained counselors at different levels of process.

Programs by Faculty

Malaysian Universities offer education to national and international students with professional; knowledge and opportunities to gain skills for mere future. Universities offer courses to student in all respects of studies and profession.Some courses offered by Malaysian universities are mentioned below:
•  Higher Education Studies
•  Arts
•  Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Communication
•  Commerce (Accounting)
•  Computer Science
•  Food Science and Technology
•  Medical Bio-science
•  Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
•  Pharmacy
•  Psychological Science and Business
•  Science
•  Graduate Certificate
•  Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
•  Business Information Systems
•   Communications and Media Studies
•   International Business
•   Bio-medical Science
•   Engineering Science (Research)
•   Philosophy
•   Science

Working Rights During Study

International students can work part-time in Malaysia under strict rule whereby they can work only during semester breaks for a maximum of 20 hours a week. Only certain workplaces are permitted. All applications to work must be approved through Malaysian Immigration.

Document Check List

♦  College admission letter
  Previous educational transcripts/certificates
  Sufficient funds
  Valid IELTS/ TOEFL score
  Valid passport

About Our company

InterNik (PVT) LTD has an experienced team of specialist counsellors, consultants, and trainers having a wide knowledge of colleges and universities from around the world. Our proficient and dedicated team has incurred more than 90% success ratio by obtaining a study visa for thousands of students across the nation.